2016 RYR-1 International Family Conference

2016 RYR-1 International Family Conference


The first RYR-1 International Family Conference took place in Baltimore, MD, and was a huge success! There were over 200 attendees, representing 75 RYR-1-affected families from 25 states and six countries. For many attendees, this was the first opportunity to meet someone else with their rare condition. It was also the first chance for most people to hear lectures and discuss their condition with some of the world’s leading experts in RYR-1-related diseases. This conference would not have occurred without the leadership of The RYR-1 Foundation Director, Jeni Ryan. In addition, The RYR-1 Foundation is appreciative of our speakers and volunteers. Of course, what made this event so special was the opportunity for so many affected individuals and families to meet, form friendships, and develop a true RYR-1 community. 


2016 RYR-1 International Family Conference Lectures

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2016 Sponsors

The generosity of the Schooner Foundation has allowed The RYR-1 Foundation to host the first RYR-1 International Family Conference. The RYR-1 Foundation is extremely grateful for their support of the organization and for their vision for this meeting.

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