Clinical Care Guidelines: What Patients & Families Need to Know About RYR-1-Related Diseases (CCG)

In November 2019, The RYR-1 Foundation was awarded a $50,000 grant from The Oscar and Elsa Mayer Family Foundation to produce a handbook for patients and families affected by RYR-1-related diseases. The difficulty with accessing reliable and easily comprehended information on these rare conditions is a tremendous source of frustration and anxiety for affected individuals and families. With this grant, The RYR-1 Foundation produced an informative guide with practical and easily understood information. The RYR-1 Foundation is incredibly grateful for the support from The Oscar and Elsa Mayer Family Foundation.

One-Page Flyer for Healthcare Providers



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Additional CCG Resources

For an introduction to the Clinical Care Guidelines and a description of some of its unique features, please watch the brief video to the right.

For additional videos and lectures related to information addressed in the Clinical Care Guidelines:

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This handbook was made possible

by a generous grant from The Oscar and Elsa Mayer Family Foundation

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