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Individual Investigator Research Grant Awards
Targeted Request for Grant Application

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The RYR-1 Foundation expects to fund a limited number of Individual Investigator Research Grants, to be awarded in mid-2021. Preference will be given to grant applications that address the “Research Priority Areas,” as detailed in the application.

Inquiries/Applications should be emailed to: Nicole Becher, Program Director, at

Summary of Application Format:

  1. Title of the RYR-1-Related Diseases Project (Face Page).
  2. Personnel.
  3. Abstract (limit: 1⁄2 single-spaced page).
  4. Identify the Specific RYR-1 “Research Priority Area(s)” (please click HERE for detailed instructions).
  5. Explain the Impact on RYR-1-Related Diseases: (limit: 1 single-spaced page). State why this research is important; and how it will make a significant difference in achieving The RYR-1 Foundation’s mission of finding treatments and cures for RYR-1-related diseases.
  6. Specific Aims and Rationale (limit: 1 single-spaced page).
  7. Preliminary/Supporting Data (limit: 1 single-spaced page).
  8. Detailed Project Description: (up to 4 single-spaced pages, but may be less). Key milestones and timelines for the proposed research must be included in this section. A chronological Gantt Chart to illustrate these events must be included. Bibliography should not exceed 10 items.
  9. Budget and Budget Justification: Please use an NIH-style spreadsheet.
  10. Institutional Signatures and Related Considerations.


Please click HERE for a description of murine models of RYR-1-Related Diseases

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