The RYR-1 Foundation’s Research Featured on an International Stage

As a sign of the growing importance of The RYR-1 Foundation, the research and principal investigators that we have funded played a prominent role in the 2022 Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society (WMS), the leading scientific meeting for neuromuscular disease


Below, you will find links to posters from the meeting that outline research that was supported by The RYR-1 Foundation. There are also videos of several lectures from current members of The RYR-1 Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), including Drs. James Dowling, Susan Treves, and Nicol Voermans.

These individuals have each received research funding from The RYR-1 Foundation. Lastly, as an additional sign of the caliber of individuals who serve on our SAB, the leaders of the WMS include: Dr. Dowling, who was the Co-Chair of this year’s Annual Congress and is on the Executive Board of the WMS as well as Dr. Carsten Bönnemann, who is also on the WMS’s Executive Board.


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